Stainless Steel Toppers

Stainless Steel Dog Topper

Jackson Creek Mfg., Inc. is proud to offer some of the finest Stainless Steel dog transport truck toppers in the industry. We offer a wide range of sizes and configurations to meet any type of dog transportation need and our toppers are used to transport everything from hunting dogs to military dogs. We also specialize in Custom Building to your specifications. All of our Stainless Steel toppers have the following standard features:

Standard Features

  • LED Lighting
  • Fully Insulated, Double Wall Construction
  • Interior Partitions have 3/4" holes for cross ventilation
  • Roof is Diamond Tread Aluminum
  • Adjustable Multi-Louver Door Vents for all weather travel
  • Locking T-Handle and Safety Latch on Doors
  • Aluminum Top Rack
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Dog Compartment Size: 20"W x 24"T x 36"L
  • Storage Compartment with Light and Carpet
  • Stainless Steel Door Hinges

Stainless Steel Toppers

Item Retail
SSTP4S $10,380.00
SSTP4L $11,090.00
SSTP6 $11,455.00
SSTP8 $11,770.00


  • Hot Dog System - Temperature Monitor, Alert and Pager system
  • K-9 Stall - Increases stall size to 24"W x 34"T x 37"D (per compartment)
  • Interior Lights - Light for storage compartments or dog compartments
  • Door Shocks - Gas Shocks to hold doors open
  • Airing Lights - LED Flood Light/Airing Light
  • Inner Bar Door - Aluminum tubing bar/safety door (per compartment)
  • Welded Inner Bar Wall-Top - Half of divider walls are welded Stainless Tubing (per compartment)
  • Rubber Mat-Heavy - Removable Rubber Mat (per compartment)

Stainless Steel Topper Options

Item Retail
Int. Lights $120.00
Door Shocks $54.00
K-9 Stall $326.00
Inner Bar Door $130.50
Heat Alert System $1,275.00
Airing Light $150.00
Rubber Mat $120.00
Welded Inner Bar Wall $130.50